A Sustainable Tomorrow

  • Sep 22, 2021



When I’m at the grocery store, there are always a few questions I ask myself as I make my way down the aisles: Did I remember what my wife asked me to get? What do I want to cook? And once I make it to the produce section, “How much can we honestly eat before it goes bad and we have to throw it away?”


This is the most important question to me and I always try to answer it honestly because I hate throwing food away. It’s such a wasteful act knowing the amount of food we collectively throw away when so many of us go hungry.


The USDA estimates that 13.8 Million U.S. Households (or about 10.5%) were food insecure at some point during 2020…. in a country as wealthy as ours, this is sad and needs to be improved.


In every aspect of our lives, we hope to be more conscious of what we are buying and using on a daily basis, and how we can be less wasteful and more sustainable.


Traditionally, the promotional products and apparel industry has had a reputation of being wasteful with its “trinkets and trash” filling up landfills.  But over the last few years, it has been shifting in the right direction and a lot of suppliers and distributors are finally getting on board the environmental and sustainable train.


The promotional products and apparel industry will be a vehicle for good, as long as suppliers and distributors sell environmentally-friendly products. It also requires the client to be willing to spend a little extra money and focus their resources on higher end products that people will want to keep.


The problem with buying low end products is it leaves the end user with a bad impression and they most likely will end up throwing it away, filling up landfills or worse. 


Alternatively, when you buy someone something that is of high quality, it stays with them mentally, physically and emotionally for a long time. It sits on their desk, they wear it , they use it and they will remember you. And from the sustainability aspect, it’s a choice that will lead to a less wasteful world.


So this gifting season, make decisions that are environmentally conscious and will lead to a more sustainable society. 


Jordan Grable

CEO, Echo Marketing



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