Act Like a Child

  • Sep 2, 2020

My wife and I dropped off our daughter to college last was our third college drop off in 2 weeks.  So as you can imagine, we are going through a big transition with only 1 child home after having all 4 young adult and adult children home for over 5 months. 


While the house got a lot smaller and it was hectic with all 7 of us home (including Remi our Black Lab), it was an incredible parenting moment.  We are really proud of the people they have become and are glad we invested so much time in them over the years.  


One night, we pulled out some family videos from when our kids were about 4, 6, 8, and 10.  As we watched the videos, it reminded me of the powerful lessons that I sometimes forget.  I think if we remember what our kids teach us, it would help reduce a lot of the stress that is all around us.


Whether the kids were riding bikes in the driveway, playing in the leaves under the maple tree, or building a fort in the family room, there were a number of common themes: 


  • Have fun and don’t take things too seriously 
  • Be in the moment and don’t look ahead
  • Use your imagination 
  • Be nice to each other 


As adults we don’t have as many carefree moments because we get bogged down (or let ourselves get bogged down) by the stress of work, taking care of people, paying bills, and being productive.  Living too seriously takes a toll on us.  We could all use a reminder to act like a child from time to time. 


-Jordan Grable, CEO Echo Marketing 

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