An Environmentalist’s Opportunity

  • Feb 27, 2020

As someone that cares deeply about the environment, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we balance the need to grow our business while limiting our environmental impact on the earth. 

Although there has been some progress, we still very much live in a consumer focused, throw away, landfill filling society.  According to Beverage Industry magazine, sales are expected to reach $24 Billion in the bottled water industry in the next three years.  I have no idea how many plastic bottles litter our rivers, our oceans, our roads, our woods….but it is easily in the tens of millions.

Ever hear of the Plastic Vortex?  YouTube it; you will be horrified!

Don’t get me started on plastic grocery bags….you see those all over the place too.  I’m glad to see some stores have at least begun charging for plastic bags.

The promotional product and merchandise business traditionally hasn’t been an environmental leader with all of its “trinkets and trash”. 

Being the eternal optimist, I see challenges as opportunities and believe that Echo Marketing, our industry partners and our clients can be part of the solution to reduce plastic bottles, plastic bags and reduce our overall carbon footprint.  All it takes is commitment, discipline and a little time. 

Here a few specific ideas to consider.

First; only buy what you need.  Think carefully not to order more than you need.  Buy in smaller quantities and reduce your waste.

Second; think of buying the same product category to replace your throw-aways….reusable drinkware for the plastic bottles and tote bags for the plastic bags are no-brainers!

Third; buy eco-friendly products.  Suppliers have listened and are finally offering merch that has been manufactured using recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

Fourth; buy quality products that will last.  When you give your associate or client a gift, give them something high quality that will stand the test of time.  They will appreciate it more and there is a greater chance it will be used, and not contribute to our growing landfills. 

If you want to talk about reducing your carbon footprint, then email me at and lets start a conversation about the opportunity we have.

-Jordan Grable, CEO Echo Marketing



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