Apparel Is A Walking Billboard

  • Apr 28, 2021

Last week, I was sitting at Gate 3A inside the Newark Airport ready for a special trip to California. My plane was delayed, there hadn’t been an intelligible update in over an hour, and all of the outlets were in use... so a typical day at the airport.


One atypical aspect of flying nowadays however – is the mask mandate.


And with everyone’s faces covered by masks, I found myself looking at people’s clothing more than usual, and I realized that nearly every single person that passed by, was a walking billboard for one thing or another.


Whether it was a sports team, a company, clothing brand, or just a cool graphic, everyone was reppin’ something.


It got me thinking about how advantageous Tangible Marketing truly is and how valuable it can be when promoting your brand or thanking your employees.


Gifting apparel to your squad creates relationships, compliments the culture you have created, is a great way to promote your brand, and above all – it is something that can be worn and seen.


Attribution is always difficult for marketers and determining ROI can be tough. But sometimes it makes sense to just go with your gut. Apparel can be seen, and we see it every day.


Now we have to keep in mind that this only works if the “billboard” we are gifting is a quality product – it has to be something that our people will want to wear; and finding the right gear for your squad can be a difficult and time-consuming process. 


It goes way beyond just buying a sweatshirt and putting it on someone’s desk - the right presentation goes a long way in showing someone how much you value them.


And that’s just the final step of the process. There is the product research, ordering, manufacturing, decorating, shipping and all of the other logistical moving pieces necessary, to get your order completed accurately, on schedule and within your budget.


This process takes both knowledge and expertise and our team at Echo Marketing is here to help you.


We know the latest styles, we have the supplier network, we understand the decorating techniques and we’ve mastered the production process.


Let us act as an extension of your team and start making your apparel work for you.


Be sure to check out our Spring Catalog by clicking on the link below and give us a call if you want to learn more.


Jordan Grable

CEO, Echo Marketing


Spring & Summer Apparel


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