Cutting Through the Digital Clutter with Tangible Marketing.

  • Jan 30, 2020

Over the Holidays, I caught up with a young friend that had recently graduated college.  We were talking about his college experience and his current job when he started asking me questions about my line of work.

When I told him I was in the ‘Tangible Marketing’ business, he asked what I meant.

Knowing that he is a 22-year old that had been raised in a digital world, I smiled and replied “Well Robert, let me ask you a few questions……How many texts do you get a day from friends and family?  How many emails from your boss and colleagues?  How many snap chats?  How many YouTube notifications? How many Facebook messages?”

He paused for a second and smiled back because he understood my point that he is in the same digitally cluttered world as almost everyone else in today’s uber-connected society. 

So I went on to explain that Tangible Marketing can help companies cut through the digital clutter because it is real…it is right in front of you…it’s not on a tiny screen…you can touch it, hold it, wear it or even eat it!

I went on the give Robert some real-world examples of how he exercises Tangible Marketing on a regular basis without even realizing it….

·         When you wear that Lamar Jackson jersey, you are not only showing your love for Number 8, you are helping the Baltimore Ravens cut through the digital clutter.

·         When you carried your books around the College Park campus in your Ogio backpack, you are helping them cut through the digital clutter.

·         When you drink out of your University of Maryland Tervis Tumbler, you are not only supporting the Terps and your alma mater, you are helping them cut through the digital clutter.

These “brands” are getting incredible ROI because you wear and use tangible marketing again and again and again which is something you can’t get with digital channels.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a very important role for digital marketing and all good marketers know that multi-channel marketing is the most effective marketing.  However, the best companies also understand the crucial role that Tangible Marketing plays in today’s digitally cluttered environment. 

To cut Through the Digital Clutter, give us a call and send us an email.

-Jordan Grable, Echo Strategic Marketing

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