Don't Wait, Inventory is Scarce

  • Oct 6, 2021



I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I do want to remind everyone that delivery times are longer and inventory is scarcer this time of year.


Before we know it, the Holiday Season will be in full swing and you don’t want to find yourself giftless and rushing around like a ‘Last Minute Larry or Lisa.’


It’s always a good idea to be prepared and ahead of schedule; especially this year.


The factory partners that I speak with are quick to warn me that inventory levels are still in scarce supply for a lot of items and they worry that production times won’t be picking up anytime soon.


At Echo Marketing we can’t magically make inventory appear, but what we can do is get you something comparable that is in stock, and we will work our butts off to hit your deadlines though upfront planning and excellent project management. Just make sure to get your orders in as soon as possible.


Check out any of our showrooms today for ideas on what to get your team members and valued customers to keep them comfortable, warm and happy this holiday season.



- Jordan Grable

CEO, Echo Marketing

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