Embracing Change as an Opportunity

  • Jul 20, 2020

Whoever said “The only constant is change” was spot on.  From the major lifestyle and economic changes brought about by Corona virus to the protests for social and economic justice around the world, things are moving fast.  We are experiencing a big shift. 


When change is unplanned and unexpected, it can be human nature to resist it. We sometimes fear change because it is associated with uncertainty. We would often rather stay in our comfort zone than venturing into the unknown. 


But as someone that considers themselves to be a life-long change agent and an eternal optimist, I can tell you that the sooner we embrace change as an opportunity, the better off we are. 


It takes hard work but here are some positive outcomes when we embrace change: 


We learn new things about ourselves and others. 

We become stronger by being able to handle all the unexpected situations we face in life.

Things can become better. Without change we cannot improve as a society.

We get a fresh perspective on life and begin to value things that we may have taken for granted.

New opportunities present themselves and we can turn negatives into positives. 

Our lives become more interesting.


Life is full of unexpected events. Those who quickly adapt become stronger instead of being hindered by their own fears and inability to change. If you think about all the good things in life, you’ll find that many of them are a result of perseverance and change. Nothing great ever comes from settling in our comfort zone. 


Jordan Grable, CEO Echo Marketing 

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