Investing in the Tangible Marketing Channel

  • Sep 14, 2022


Layoffs, Cuts, Fears of a Recession. The headlines we keep seeing and the conversations we’re trying to avoid.


Now, if your business is currently in this predicament, we understand the pressures you are facing and just like you, we are hoping for the best moving forward. 


If you are not in that situation however and are moving to a fully remote workforce for example, or just having to do more with less, investing in the Tangible Marketing channel is something worth considering.


Utilizing the Tangible Marketing channel in the correct ways is incredibly advantageous in uniting your team, showing your appreciation, and promoting your brand.


I’ve always been a big believer in Tangible Marketing because it is much more than just another marketing channel.


At its core: it is gift-giving - and there is nothing more personal or appreciative than giving someone a thoughtful and regarding gift. It is a great way to foster meaningful relationships and stay connected; whether your team is transitioning back to the office or maintaining a remote workforce.


Showing your appreciation is easy, finding the perfect gift can be hard… Let us do the legwork. Check out our Fall & Winter Apparel Showroom today to find the products that could be perfect for you.


- Jordan Grable

CEO, Echo Marketing



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