• Jun 17, 2021


Echo Marketing is focused on creating Tangible Marketing solutions for our clients while at the same time being guided by three core principles: Diversity | Equity | Inclusion.


In support of those principles and along with the Federal Government, we are recognizing Juneteenth and the celebration of the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States. We encourage all businesses and organizations to give the day off to their employees and allow individuals to reflect on the history of slavery in America and how our nation has been negatively impacted.  


America is the land of opportunity. But the unfortunate reality of that opportunity is it is still impacted by the color of one’s skin. The access to full opportunity needs to improve and can improve if we work together as one.


We have made progress in our country, but we still have a long way to go to reach our full potential.


Momentum to fight for what is right is tough to maintain. Once the outrage over big events (Michael Brown, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd) passes, people tend to lose their passion and commitment. This is why having a National Holiday to acknowledge, remember and reflect is so important.


The number of people, businesses and organizations that celebrate Juneteenth is growing throughout the country. It is easy to get frustrated with a pace that moves too slowly, but we should use that frustration to ignite our passion to keep fighting. We must fight against social injustices and inequities.  


Some want to ignore the truth of our racist past because it makes them uncomfortable or because they feel it paints an ugly picture. However, acknowledging that bad things happened in our history does not mean that America is a bad place.  


It simply means that we are serious about making things better and fixing what was and is still wrong. It means that we are optimistic that things can get better, and that America can reach her full potential.


Our refusal to be real and take a hard look at ourselves in the mirror continues to stifle our progress. This is why Echo Marketing will be closed this Friday in observance of Juneteenth and we hope you will join us. 


  • Jordan Grable, CEO 


Echo Marketing


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