Keep On Walking

  • Oct 27, 2020

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a lady named Jo.  

We met coincidentally at my favorite sandwich shop…The Little Market Café in Old Ellicott may have seen it on Gordon Ramsey’s show right before Covid hit.  I recognized her as the lady who I see walking nearly every day so I had to strike up a conversation when I saw her.  Turns out that we are in fact neighbors.

She always impressed me. She must be every bit of 75, with a slight limp and a bit of a hunch yet a very deliberate and focused purpose.   I mostly see her walking to and from the local Safeway with her grocery bags over her shoulder, a total of eight miles.   Well, she told me that she is walking fifty miles every single week! 

I recently heard on NPR that 80% of Americans are feeling stressed out in some way to Covid. Whether the stress is economical due to job concerns or they are stressed about a loved one’s health or their current social situation from not seeing friends and family, the 80% figure actually seems low to me. 

Jo’s walking reminded me of the Latin phrase “Solvitur Ambulando” which means “it is solved by walking.”  Walking is a great form of meditation and it is shown to help clear the mind and reduce stress. We all know the importance of regular exercise but we tend to forget how much good just a twenty-minute walk can do. 

Every one of us has something that we are dealing with, but if we put our focus and power on solving the problem, we can get there no matter what the obstacles or circumstances.


Hope you Keep On Walking. 
-Jordan Grable, CEO Echo Marketing 

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