Promos for a Purpose

  • Jun 7, 2022

We are a company on a mission. Our mission: To reduce the use of plastic water bottles.


I try my best not to use the word hate, so let's instead go with despise.


I despise plastic water bottles.  When I see them on the soccer fields…on the side of the road…in the neighborhood…they drive me bonkers.


We use them very sparingly in our house and I have committed to gifting reusable water bottles to family, friends and colleagues, in order to at least have those in my circle help me on my mission.


At Echo Marketing, we promote reusable water bottles that are plastic-free and environmentally-friendly anytime it is possible. We give out reusable water bottles as gifts to our clients and we partner with suppliers & brands that are aligned with our mission.


Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous wave of forward-thinking retail brands and companies commit to not only providing environmentally-friendly options, but to also donating portions of the proceeds to organizations that actively fight plastic pollution and climate change. We are partnering with organizations that provide safe and clean drinking water for people all over the world and are investing in environmentally responsible practices that reduce their carbon footprint.


It has been incredibly encouraging to see this movement catch fire, fueled almost entirely by everyday consumers that refuse to buy products that are bad for our world. People are becoming more eco-conscious and in turn want to buy and use products that are of high quality, built to last and are coming from companies that are environmentally-focused in one way or another.


We encourage you to check out our Drinkware Showroom today to find the brands that are providing these water bottles and learn about the organizations that they support.


Jordan Grable

- CEO, Echo Marketing

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