Spooky Season

  • Oct 27, 2021


“Spooky Season” as the kids call it nowadays, is and has been, in full swing. The Great All Hallows Eve is this weekend. A holiday where.. some people.. worship the dead? Or remember the dead? Or I don’t really know what it's about.


I do know that most people just dress up in funny, ridiculous costumes and hang out with friends - and for the younger kids, they fill up an entire bag of candy that will surely turn into at least a few cavities. So maybe, hmm.. Halloween is for all the dentists out there, who want to remodel their bathroom; maybe this night is for all of you.


Now I also know that I personally kind of like Halloween. I find it to be a fun holiday that allows us to let loose, show off our inner personalities and have a little too much fun for no reason at all.


And whenever I hear the phrase “Spooky Season” or any of the other ridiculous phrases, lingo or words that the kids say, I have myself a light chuckle and mutter something innocuous under my breath.


Because while it's easy to poke fun at the made-up language that the kids use, or trash the new music they listen to, the way they dance, what they wear or how they act, I’d rather let it remind me of all of us when we were younger. When we were the ones coming up with our own lingo, listening to the music that our parents hated and dressing in a way that left their mouth agape.


We were just like them at one point in our lives and I do my best to remind myself of that fact. Because I refuse to become the old guy on his porch yelling “Get off my lawn!” to all the kids out there just being themselves.


I think this is why I like Halloween. The night where we get to have fun, put on a costume and be a kid again for the night. It's good to remind ourselves that we were once that kid and we mustn't lose that unique and creative spirit.


So this weekend, I’m going to wear a costume, and if you’re going to a Halloween party, I hope you’ll join me; or even if you're just going to be handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, be sure to get into the “spooky” spirit.


And beyond this weekend, we should all listen to some new music that we normally wouldn't give the chance. We should break the boring habits. Use the lingo back with our kids, it'll keep ya young, make ya laugh, and probably... definitely.. slightly annoy them.


Just remember to have fun. It's easy to lose sight every once in a while, but the holiday season, and all the time really, should be all about smiling, being happy and spending time with family and friends. Making time for the little moments that matter the most.


And if the next generation can keep making up new words, creating new music, and developing new styles and trends, we can be spontaneous enough to join them.


- Jordan Grable

CEO, Echo Marketing



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