Sustainable Choices

  • Apr 21, 2022


I’ve been working from home this week in an attempt to offset a not-so-environmentally-friendly choice I had to make recently. I had driven down to South Carolina to spend some time with my son who is studying there.

We decided to drive down because even though it’s a bit of a hike, it was just easier and more convenient than flying. Now, admittedly, neither of those options are great for the environment, and as someone who considers themselves an environmentalist, driving a gas powered vehicle 20 hrs. roundtrip isn't an ideal scenario.

But sometimes we don’t really have that great of an option ahead of us and sometimes we don’t really have a choice at all. Sometimes we have to take a plane or drive our car to get somewhere. Sometimes the only utensils available to us are plastic.

Other times, however, we do have a choice, and I came to the conclusion that as long as we are actively trying to make a sustainable impact, taking the eco-friendly choice whenever possible, then we are still part of the solution & we can’t be too hard on ourselves.

So in every situation, we should ask ourselves, “Well, what can I do? How can I truly make an impact?” And when there is an environmentally-friendly choice available, we should take it.

At work for example, our industry has, traditionally, been one that hasn’t been great for the environment - between the energy output from the factories, the dyes, the chemicals, the materials that are used - it has been more harmful than anything else. Still, I always tried to make the eco-friendly choice; be it promoting higher-quality items that were less likely to end up in landfills or searching for more sustainable options & working with like-minded suppliers and decorators.

Lately, I have been incredibly encouraged with what I’ve been hearing. More and more companies are weaving a new thread so to speak, and making their brand one that is eco-conscious & puts sustainability above all.

With each conference we attend and each webinar we sit in on, we see an influx of eco-friendly products like never before. We are learning about innovative technology that focuses on repurposing and upcycling plastics once destined for the oceans. We are seeing environmental pledges & giveback programs that promote a more sustainable world.

We are seeing this not only from the name-brands that we all know, but from newer companies as well, hyperfocused on producing high-quality pieces that are great for us and even better for our planet.

So with Earth Day here, let’s join the wave and help to create a healthier world.

We can simply refuse to buy products that are harmful to our oceans and pose risks to the environment.

We can wear apparel made from recycled materials. We can use hemp-based products instead of plastic. We can search out tech instruments sourced from metal and wood & find ways to save on freight emissions.


We can make a difference; albeit a small difference, but a difference all the same.


Check out our Eco-Friendly Showroom today to learn more about the sustainable brands and products leading the way.


- Jordan Grable

CEO, Echo Marketing

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