We Are One

  • Jul 1, 2021

Independence Day is this weekend, and it is a time that we can come together as Americans to celebrate the birth of our nation and be thankful for what we have.


However, I want to challenge you to think of The Fourth also as a time to recognize the not so nice parts of our history, that there are still many issues that need to be addressed; that we can be better.


Two of those issues are racism and inequality.


After George Floyd was murdered last year, some of my friends and I started a grassroots movement called We Are One. Our mission is to fight racism and inequality. We realized that we had not done enough and that we needed to act vs. just thinking or talking.


Just one year after the group's inception, our 5th in-person meeting had over 50 people in attendance and has me feeling very optimistic that our mission is trending in the right direction.


One of America’s greatest assets is our diversity and the access to the opportunity to improve one’s situation. However, the reality is that opportunity is still impacted by one’s skin color and the socio-economic conditions to which they are born. To be more direct, white people that are born into a privileged environment have a huge advantage. 


Most Americans agree that something needs to be done to combat racism and inequality because it is the right thing to do. They just need to find a way to help. 


So, this July 4th weekend, take time to BBQ or grill, spend time with family and friends, enjoy the nice weather and relax a bit. 


But we also ask you to take a moment to think about what this nation stands for conceptually compared to the reality of what some folks must deal with because of how or where they were born. Join us in our fight against racism and inequality to make America better. We Are One!


  • Jordan Grable

  CEO, Echo Marketing

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