Working Together During Tough Times

  • Mar 26, 2020

There is a lot of understandable fear and anxiety in the world right now, so I wanted to share some positive thoughts and words of encouragement.


Adversity can make us stronger and better if you view it as an opportunity for growth and endurance.  I am not trying to minimize the pain that nearly everyone is feeling at this time, but I do believe that our society can improve if we are purposeful in re-setting. 


An example of some ‘good’ that can come from the Coronavirus and the slow-down of commerce is that people have a deeper appreciation for those that are less fortunate.  


Before this, the folks that had been living paycheck to paycheck…the dishwasher at your favorite restaurant that is closed, the family dry-cleaning business that has no clothes to clean, the hairstylist at the salon that may not re-open…were often overlooked, because so many were caught up in the economic euphoria and the rise of the stock market.  These are real people who are working their butts off trying to make ends meet with minimal savings and resources to weather the storm.


It is the tough times like these which provide the opportunity to unify us.  It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, brown or yellow; whether you live in a red state or a blue state; whether you are middle class, poor, or wealthy…my hope is we can come together as a country.  For that matter, I hope we will realize that as Americans, we are in this together with the entire world and that the Human Race must rise to defeat a common enemy and be ready for the next global crisis.


It is also a great opportunity for the next generation to learn the value of moderation and the re-balancing of materialistic priorities.  Understanding that it really doesn’t matter how big of a house you have or whether you drive the latest Tesla.  What matters is that people are healthy and have their basic needs met.


We cannot allow fear to debilitate us. The classic words “tough times never last, but tough people do” are more important now than ever.


Get groceries for your elders. Donate to charities and non-profits if you can afford to. Stay in constant contact with your family, friends, and neighbors. Help someone that has lost their job.  We all have something unique to offer, and you never know who may need your help. You can offer assurance and comfort just by checking in with those you care about. 


Adversity is a fact of life. We may not be able to control our circumstances, but we can control how we respond.  Let’s work together to help others, learn from this, and come out better and stronger on the other side.


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